Established 1959

Frequently Asked Questions

     1.     May we just drop in and walk around the garden on our own instead of taking a guided tour? No, the garden is located on a private road with a locked gate. The Homeowners Association requires us to only allow guided tours. The tour groups are, however, usually small in the number of guests and tours can be tailored  to your needs. 

     2.     Are children allowed on tours? Yes, but they must be closely supervised. Parts of the garden are steep and running is not allowed. 

     3.     Are dogs allowed on tours?  No dogs, except certified service animals, are allowed on tours. 

     4.     Can you accommodate large groups on tours?  Yes, more than one docent will be assigned to tours that are larger than eight or ten persons. 

     5.     Do you allow photographs? Yes, photographs may be taken of the garden and the house. Permission from the Friends of the Hortense Miller Garden is necessary for photographs which will be used for commercial purposes. 

     6.     Can we have a wedding or reception in the garden? No, we are not allowed to have weddings and receptions. All visitors must be out of the garden by 5:00 PM on weekdays and noon on Saturdays. 

     7.     When can we schedule a tour? Tours are scheduled for Tuesday through Saturday from 9:45 AM to Noon. You must call the The Community Services Dept. at 949 497-0779 to arrange for a tour. 

     8.     Is the garden accessible to persons with disabilities? Parts of the garden are wheelchair accessible and arrangements can be made to drive down the driveway to let visitors out there instead of the top of the garden. The mid-century modern house is all on one level and is mostly accessible. Bathrooms are not totally accessible. There are restrooms at Riddle Field where you meet your docent that are accessible. It is best to discuss this with your docent before you arrive for a tour. You will be given the docent’s telephone number with your reservation. 

     9.     How far in advance to we need to make a reservation? Reserving two weeks in advance is advisable. Sometimes you may be able to join a tour that is already planned on shorter notice. Call the City Recreation Dept. at (949)464-6645 to see if this is possible, or click on the Schedule a Tour link on our home page.