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Garden Report October 31, 2015

Tasks Accomplished

Rafael and Jose finished up their work on the slope next to the Woods' property. It looks quite nice…planted with natives Lemonade Berry, Toyon and a Coffee Berry that screen the drainage pipe.  Sherry and Mark also planted clumps of Dietes to help hold the soil. Rafael installed a couple of irrigation heads that we can turn on manually as needed to help the new plants get established.

Landscape Committee met last week and discussed tree health, repairs, safety, design and feel of the garden, upcoming projects and next years budget among other topics.

The old Agonis tree by the driveway is leaning way over. It is only a matter of time before it falls on the Potting Shed and Kitchen Garden Mural. If we get a lot of rain this winter it may happen soon, no one can predict.

The Landscape Committee is recommending that we remove the tree before that happens.  The Board will be asked to vote on the matter at their upcoming meeting.

Modern Horticultural Services will be coming this week to shape and lightly prune several trees around the Driveway and Potting Shed.  The only major pruning at this time will be the Coral tree as per our agreements with neighbor, Wayne Wright and the City.

Volunteer Activity

Sherry and Mark repaired sections of the wattle fence in the Lower garden with saplings and branches that Sherry collected over the last several months. They also removed several suckers from tecoma stans and other bird planted trees growing on the hillside overlooking the Gate. In addition they pruned dead branches from toyon trees throughout the garden. Last week they planted Agave pups in the Lower and Wild gardens.

Barbara tended the Attrium…adding succulent cuttings to the Planter Box and groundcovers and fertilizing the camellia. She also offered to tend our ailing Red Eden Rose. Barbara and Sherry worked in the Gazebo garden…weeding and removing many aristia seedlings. Barbara also helped Sherry and me clean up and plant new succulents in the little gathering area above the Pergola. At the same time Mark leveled the saucer Bird Bath for me…now when the raccoons take a drink they don't tip it over.  

Sherry spruced up the Bromeliads and pruned some rampant Powder Puff vines in the Entry. She also helped me plant a potted Agave, a couple of Muhly Grasses and a purple leafed Tradescantia in the Lower garden.  We also planted a group of Asclepias cancellata, a rare South African Milkweed that I found at Plant Depot.  Last week Sherry dug out invasive dietes clumps alongside the Cork Oak pathway.

We have a returning volunteer in Kalai Reji.  She helped Barbara and I cut back overgrown plants and vines along the lower Perennial garden paths.  

Bonnie faithfully waters and fertilizes the potted plants, cleans the pond, sweeps walks and putters in the Potting Shed.

Needed Repairs

The beautiful new bench is drying out and needs sealing.

The bamboo fence between the Garden and Earhart properties is on Whil's list.

The wire mesh gate between the Kitchen garden and the Potting Shed is off its hinge.

Blooming Now in the Garden



Mohave Yucca


Scotsman's Purse

Red Hibiscus





Firebush or Hamelia patens

White Hibiscus

Camellia Sasangua



Bulbine frutescens


Crown of Thorns


Morning glory



Tecoma stans

Palo Verde