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Garden Report July 30, 2015

Tasks Accomplished

The Bamboo Deer Fence is complete!  Whil Harlan via Hortense has truly created a work of art. It is beautiful, totally functional and we couldn't be more pleased.  Whil's next project is to repair the Sawhorse Succulent planter in the Attrium garden and plug up the hole beneath it.

Rafael and Jose cleaned up the area under the Cork Oak and installed new sprinklers on the hillside just below it  and above the Lower gate. At my request they also deep dug and cleared the large area around the Tecoma stans of defunct naked lady bulbs, invasive asters and aristia and weeds. Rafael also repaired a leaky valve and replaced a section of root choked irrigation pipe in the Forecourt. He and Jose also dug out the site and helped install large boulders as part of the new bench installation that began last week.

Sherry and I added yellow blooming Moonshine Yarrow to the Dry garden and Creeping Shrubby Ice plant and Native Yarrow to the Lower garden plantings.

Last week we finished planting that area. Agave, celsii; Hesperaloe parviflora (Red Yucca); Yucca gloriosa; Zauschermeria; Euphorbia, Jerry's Choice; and Halimium (Sunrose) went into the ground around the Tecoma stans tree…and Dracena draco (Dragon Tree) across the path near the bench. Again, San Marcos Growers website ( has photos and descriptions of many of these plants.


I fertilized most of the beds and several trees around the house and also put in about a dozen Milkweed plants in varying sizes in the Lower Perennial garden.  I continue to hand water certain areas and plants as needed, and I cleaned the ponds and cared for the potted plants while Bonnie was away.

Erika, Joanne Magee and I met one day and discussed labeling certain key plants…with Joanne doing calligraphy on the labels.

Neighbor Tom Woods is very happy with the fence that was replaced between our two properties. Our half of the cost was under what the Board had budgeted for the project so we're happy too…and it also looks very nice.

Volunteer Activity

Mark Chaillie is a new volunteer joining Barbara and Sherry and I on Thursday mornings. We put him to work right away…trimming back the barleria along flagstone steps in the Middle garden, doing light tree pruning with Sherry, and helping me and Sherry finish up the planting in the Lower garden. He and Sherry even dug out some suckering trees that have sprung up along the Water Stairs.

Barbara trimmed the creeping fig growing on the wall under Coral tree and has been helping me keep the path clear in the Perennial garden by cutting back barleria, salvia and others. She also has been keeping the Kitchen garden Ivy and Jasmine vines in check and regularly tends the Atrium garden…sprucing up, watering and planting.

Sherry dug out bamboo runners from the Zoysia grass and pruned the Sycamore in the Gazebo garden; and cut back Pumbago shrubs in the Middle garden. She also cleaned out some of the junk that was cluttering the Pump House.  Additionally, she and Barbara weeded the Douglas Irises.

Bonnie faithfully waters and fertilizes the potted plants, cleans the pond, sweeps walks and putters in the Potting Shed.

Needed Repairs:

The last remaining length of bamboo fencing is located next to and behind the Giant Bamboo and abutting the neighbor's property. It is deteriorated and unsightly and needs to be replaced. It is not as complicated as the fence Whil just completed and would not be too difficult to replace.